Kanthalloor also known as Fruit Lover’s Paradise. On a trip to Munnar? Don’t just stop there there’s more to see, its weather, the climate and the resorts to stay are equally worth visiting this place.

Munnar by default is one of the best and sought after tourist destination in India. The lush luxurious Tea plantations are famous among nature loving beings. Kanthalloor is located 50km from Munnar.

During the trip to from Munnar to Kanthalloor, the route helps you to engulf the beauty of Munnar and indulge in tranquillity. If you like to escape the reality and engage in an unworldly peaceful mind this is your safe haven and shares somewhat the same temperature to that of munnar. The best time to go there is from early October to late March. Kanthalloor has few resorts to make your stay safe and secure. Kanthalloor has a much moderate climate with the cool breeze.

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